Dec 2010

Holiday Cards from

A while back, shortly after my son was born (but way before I knew anything about Photoshop), I had a serious itch to create some custom Christmas cards. We had just bought my 5 month old some really cute Holiday Pajamas from Old Navy. I even bought him some little reindeer slippers! I was excited to take pictures of him in his new PJs and use the images for my custom holiday cards. Finding an affordable place to print them was difficult at the time. I eventually stumbled upon, was impressed with their website and decided to give them a shot. I uploaded 2 different card designs (which I made using Paint Shop Pro) and ordered 25 of each. They turned out great and my family absolutely loved them!

Since then I have received a Bachelor of Science in Digital Arts and Design. I’ve always wanted to give custom Christmas Cards another try since I know I can produce a better design now. I was so satisfied with Shutterfly the first time around I’m pretty sure I’ll be using them for the printing again.

Although I may not have the time to design something from scratch this year, I’m really excited about all the different Holiday templates Shutterfly has to offer. Here are just a few of my favorites:

They can even do custom wall calendars (an absolute holiday favorite) and a variety of photo gifts. It’s easy to find the perfect gift at


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