Nov 2011

A Day of Thanks

Since moving to Florida my family has traditionally spent Thanksgiving at my best friend Crystal’s house. I usually bring the mashed potatoes, carrot souffle and garlic & herb turkey breast. It’s usually cooked in part (or often entirely) by my husband John, which is just one of the many things I’m thankful for. Then there’s Crystal’s empanadas which are freakin’ delicious. Seriously, I can’t imagine a party at her house without empanadas. That’s like having pancakes with no syrup and who’d want that?

But even with Crystal’s amazing empanadas it’s hard not to be sad about missing Thanksgiving with my family in NYC. Just like previous years, I’m certain the entire family will be congregating at my cousin Cary’s house in Long Island. I can’t help but wonder… will Michie be making the mashed potatoes with cream cheese again this year? Will anyone reminisce about the face Eduardo used to make whenever he saw the Turkey? Will my family think of me as the stuffing gets passed around? (I used to eat stuffing by itself all year round, lol) Even though I can’t be there with them I hope they know how much I miss them.

Jeez I’m tearing up here…(insert break to answer a phone call from my Tia Pucha here.) Awww they are thinking of me…

I’ll post pics of some friends, family and food later tonight. What are your plans for today? Please feel free to link to any great Thanksgiving posts, recipes, pictures and or giveaways in the comments below. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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