Hope Unto Dawn is a Halo 3 Tournament Event organized by Facility B5D and it's affiliates to raise money for the Child's Play Charity. What is the Child's Play Charity, you ask? Child's Play is an organization and a community made up of gamers that are dedicated to improving the lives of sick children. Year round, they donate toys, books, and, of course, video games to hospitals across North America and around the world. Since its inception in 2003, the Child's Play Charity has partnered with 60 hospitals and raised just under $5 million in donations. To find out more about this amazing organization, head on over to their webpage Childsplay Charity.


Ok guys this tournament is on a first come first serve basis and will require that you sign up. Only approved players will actually be asked to register. A list of approved players and game schedules will be posted before the registration date, both on this site and the Hope Unto Dawn Sign Up thread. Players that sign up but do not get approved will be put on a waiting list.

If you sign up please make sure you and/or your team are ready and willing to register on June 1 or June 2 after being approved.

Any approved player that has not registered (by paying the $5 fee via Paypal widget on this page) by 11:59 PM June 2, 2009 will be disqualified and replaced by a newly approved player from the waiting list.

Remember it's $5 per bracket per person. Be sure to list your B5D Username, your GT, and what you are entering HERE. Also, if you are paying for a friend or fellow team member(s), be sure to add their Username(s), GT(s), and brackets.


It's $5 to enter into a bracket. Sorry we keep repeating that, but not everyone catches it the first 4 times. Anyway, hereís a list of the brackets and a brief description of each, just in case you forgot them.

FFA: (Free For All)

Itís just you and 5 other people on the map. Purchase an extra set of eyes for the back of your head if you need them. Matches will be one round, the top three from the match will proceed, and the rest will be devoured by soffish.

Team 4v4:

You and three buddies will have to fight your way to the top. Not every game will be slayer variants, so be sure to know how to arm a flag and capture a bomb. Winning teams will move on, the losers will not.

Team Doubles:

You and your teammate are all that stands against your opponentsí victory. Be sure you know the spawns and how to play objective games, or you'll be in trouble.

Bungle Pro:

Free for All matches of 6 players. No troublesome noob weapons to get in your way here, so grab your spikers and be ready for what the other players and even the maps themselves have to throw at you. Make sure to be ready for more than just regular slayer matches.

Bungle Team:

This is a 3v3 bracket, so be sure to keep an eye on your two fellow teammates - you'll need them to top the other team and the maps. Be prepared for more than just slayer.

Obstacle Course:

Shooting at moving targets not your thing? Try your hand at the obstacle course, but make sure you've got the mad skills to learn quickly and the reflexes of a mongoose, because you'll only get four tries to make it through with the fastest time.


This is not a tourney for bragging rights or boosting egos. Itís for charity, so we'd appreciate it if you approach this in a non-aggressive way. Don't trash talk or belittle others for doing poorly or well. We're here to have fun.

Play nice - trash talking is frowned upon, and if you are reported by multiple people for doing so you will be issued warnings that may result in a boot from your bracket. We're here to have fun for a good cause, not boost our egos.

You're a member of B5D now, so be kind to your fellow members and help keep the site working and clean. If you end up getting yourself banned we cannot be blamed if you miss a game because you couldn't access the forums. If you arenít sure what will get you banned, find your way over to the B5D rules page and check them out.


Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated. This includes glitching, Lag switches, and connection bridges. If you are found to be cheating, you will be removed from the entire tourney at once, and yes, that means any and all brackets youíve entered. This also means any teams you were on will be subject to inquiry. If they were not a part of the cheating, you will be removed from the team and they will be forced to fight a man down for the remainder of their life span in the tourney.

Tampering with any map or game type will be dealt with harshly, and could result in a removal from the entire tournament. We're trusting you to do the right thing, so don't make us kick your ass.


There are no back ups; your team is the original set of people you entered with. Should one of them become unable to participate, you will not be able to replace them in any way.

Match Reporting:

This is important - if a match does not happen, and we receive no notice of a team forfeit within 3 hours, both teams will be disqualified and removed. If one team does not show, don't assume they've already sent us an email or PM. Write us one yourself, and you just might save your team. However, anyone falsely declaring another teamís forfeit will have their team removed from the tourney. Don't lie to us, we see everything.

FFA & BUNGLE FFA Brackets:

YOU, and you alone, are responsible for being online and in your match on time. If you are late or unable to make it, there will not be any second chances for you. Sorry, but that's how it's got to be. This does not mean any player is allowed to be stubborn and make a party come to them, or close a party and rob another player of their chances. If we hear anything about any such activity, we'll have no second thoughts about removing you from the tourney.

Team 4v4, Doubles, BUNGLE Team 3v3 brackets:

Your team captain (if that's you then listen up) is responsible for getting his or her team together and into the match on time. Failure to show up means a forfeit and your team is out of the competition. If not all of your team is able to make it, you will have to email one of us with a letter of forfeit or fight a man or two down. There are no re-dos here, so make sure when you sign up that you and your entire team are free and able to make all of your matches.

A more detailed set of rules can be found HERE.