My Teaching Philosophy

When introducing myself to students each month, one of the first things I tell them is that I’m a Full Sail graduate. I do this in order to connect with them. I relate to their anxiety, and their excitement. Some students are coming in straight out of high school, while others may be professionals already in their industry looking to advance. Some struggle with time management, and for some it’s just not the right time.

My concept of teaching and learning can be best represented with the following quote “Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” I can’t just pass on my knowledge to students and expect them to retain it. They have to be active participants in the process. I’m the mother of a teenager and I teach much like I parent. I provide support by letting them know I’ll be there if they have questions or make mistakes. I accept them where they are in their journey and I celebrate their individual progress. I try to inspire by reminding them they are strong, capable, and in control of their education. There is so much more information out there for them than I can provide. They just need to look for it. Lastly I hope to motivate them by being transparent and authentic about my own challenges and accomplishments. As a student I was thankful to have personable and sincere instructors to help kindle my flame. I’d like to do the same for my students.

“She knew how to get my attention and retain it all throughout the class. Her feedback was always useful and easy to understand. She was understanding if I needed her to be which made her approachable and easy to talk to. Her lectures were loose and lighthearted which made it more engaging for me and actually care about what she was saying. They were also very clear in what she tried to get across.”

Me At My Core

In a digital age where so many choose anonymity, authenticity is a rare virtue. As a podcaster and social media enthusiast, I provide a window into my personality and life. I consider my world an open book, and am willing to share pieces of both my personal and professional life. I am genuine and sincere with everyone I interact with, regardless of the medium. Strong values and ideals are what set me apart from other brands. I value honesty, and work hard to build trust between friends, family, and clients.

I consider myself as having a fairly unique personality, which I credit to some interesting, yet challenging, life experiences. I have an eccentric taste and style that deviates from the norm and the traditional. My 2009 Halo themed wedding is a perfect example of this.

I enjoy all types of games, and try to make every project, assignment, and/or day as fun and exciting as possible. The work hard / play hard philosophy and culture is something I really believe in. I understand that there is more than one way to look at something, and I am open to all possibilities. I do not always know where the answers come from, but have an uncanny ability to deliver exactly what the client wants, the first time around.

I currently specialize in Web Design, but thoroughly enjoy designing for print. There is something special about designing a tangible object that really excites me. Passion drives my learning, and as of late I have been developing skills in motion graphics, audio and video editing. Aside from that, I blog for fun, but it is something I hope to turn into a profession. For now, it will continue to be a glimpse into my life and a way for clients to find me.

An Informal Rambling

Writing about myself is always the tricky part. I mean, I could tell you all about my professional qualifications, but that’s in my resume located in the footer. I could tell you about my freakishly unnatural love of Cotton Candy, but then you might be scared and click away. Or I could tell you about my hobbies as a gamer and crafter extraordinaire!

Where to start?

You probably have figured out by now that I’m a graphic designer. I stumbled into this after beginning the Fine Arts program at FIT (in New York City) and realizing it wasn’t quite for me. I did, however, love attending comedy clubs, and found my calling helping my favorite one design their site.

This sent me on the path that has led me here.

And where is here? Well, I’m a dreamer. Literally. I have lucid dreams that would blow your mind.

I connect to people, (clients and friends) in a unique way that inspires my work.

My passion is in helping people create and design what they want in their lives, through websites, crafts, games and relationships.

So the best way to know about me, is to get to know me. Connect with me on Twitter or Facebook, or shoot me an email. I love sharing my passions with others and would enjoy knowing yours too.