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Get Uncommon: Custom iphone Cases

They’re here! They’re here! The custom iphone cases I ordered last week are finally here! This is the second time I’ve ordered from Uncommon and I’m SO excited about it. Uncommon makes the most well-designed, highest quality customizable products available! Their proprietary 3D TATT® (Thermo-Active Transdermal Technology) process ensures durable, long-lasting, high resolution imagery on … Read more »


Pilot Frixion Erasable Gel Pens

I know what you’re thinking. “Erasable pens? Those came out in the early 90s and they sucked.” You’re right. They did. The ink would easily smear and we were kind of screwed once we had worn our erasers down. The pens usually got tossed since they didn’t sell replacement erasers. We either learned to deal … Read more »


Holiday Cards from

A while back, shortly after my son was born (but way before I knew anything about Photoshop), I had a serious itch to create some custom Christmas cards. We had just bought my 5 month old some really cute Holiday Pajamas from Old Navy. I even bought him some little reindeer slippers! I was excited … Read more »