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Thankful For The Little Things

Today was the day. I finally bought a gratitude journal. I’d been interested in starting one ever since watching “The Secret” but guess I never got around to it. I spotted the perfect one while picking up an accordion file at Office Max this afternoon. It was a 70′s golden yellow color with damask print … Read more »


Dreaming of “Young House Love”

Have you ever thought of something so much it starts creeping into your dreams? It happens to me all the time. Last night was no exception. Apparently I’ve been reading so much Young House Love lately that John and Sherry Petersik have become dream worthy. Don’t get me wrong Sherry is incredibly dreamy (John I … Read more »


Pilot Frixion Erasable Gel Pens

I know what you’re thinking. “Erasable pens? Those came out in the early 90s and they sucked.” You’re right. They did. The ink would easily smear and we were kind of screwed once we had worn our erasers down. The pens usually got tossed since they didn’t sell replacement erasers. We either learned to deal … Read more »